Give Him All Your Pain

Sometimes life does not make sense,
It's hard and filled with pain.
It seems that everything goes wrong,
Dark days are here again.
The road you're on is lonely,
You're filling with despair.
Sadness fills your broken heart,
You wish someone would care.

But there is someone out there,
Who loves you very much.
He longs to heal your broken heart,
With His gentle touch.
He will never leave you,
He longs to soothe your soul.
He'll hold you in His loving arms,
And never let you go.

He'll fill your life with so much joy,
His peace will fill your soul.
He will set your heart so free,
His love will make you whole.
All your pain and sorrow,
He'll gladly take from you.
He'll fill you up with happiness,
And make you feel brand new.

The one who can do all of this,
Is Jesus Christ the Lord.
He can fill you up with strength,
Then be your shield and sword.
Jesus love you O so much,
That on the cross He died.
He paid the price so you can live,
Forever by His side.

Just pray to Jesus; ask Him in,
Then in your heart He'll live.
He'll never walk away from you,
His love He'll freely give.
He's here for you, just trust in Him,
And give Him all your pain.
He longs for you to trust in Him,
And feel His blessings rain.

Nancy Burr

Here are three great sites that can show you how to become a Christian. I have gone through all of them and in my opinion they are excellent. I could write it out and post it on this site for you but I wouldn't be able to explain it near as well as these ministries do.  

Click on 'How to know Jesus' when you enter the Billy Graham site. From there it will show you the steps on how to become a Christian'.

Go to
This is another excellent sites. Click on the cross to enter.

The Four Spiritual Laws

Village Green Community Church is another excellent place to find answers. If you live in the London area and you're seaching for answers why not stop by and check us out.

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